Second Quarter 2021

The Williamsons: We had a LOT of snow this year!  In fact, it is my understanding that we won the “Golden Snowball” this year – with a whopping 102.9 inches of snow!  Buffalo was a distant second with a mere 72.2 inches.  So we had many opportunities to take the kids out sledding – and did so.  We all had a ton of fun, and were particularly surprised at how brave Sophie was with regard to the larger hills – being only 4.   

The kids built traps again on the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day.  Alas – no leprechauns were captured – but those mischievous little creatures did cause all sorts of mayhem around the house!  I keep telling the kids – the traps are going to have to be much more sophisticated (& include electronics) to catch a leprechaun – but they haven’t listened to me yet. 

Easter egg hunts & treasure hunts are always a big part of our Easter celebration.  I spent a lot of time on mine this year for the kids & Melani, made it virtual – and had a story line behind it that mixed some fiction with fact from a historical figure’s life.  As I write this (the Wednesday after Easter) the kids are maybe only a third of the way through it!  The kids put on a couple of hunts on for Melani and I – and we were really impressed! They were both challenging – and fun!  Yes – we do take our Easter egg hunts and treasure hunts very seriously!

Mother – Daughter Tea
Sophie 100 Days Smarter!


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