Third Quarter 2012

The Williamsons:

Melani tried to surprise me for Father’s Day by having some new family photographs taken of the children.  She almost pulled it off – but Dominick managed to scratch Annie’s face the morning of the secret photo shoot and I happened to notice that Melani seemed
unusually upset over this.  Poor Melani had a real ordeal getting these photos.  She managed to get all three children cleaned & dressed for the picture, coordinated with my mother to have her meet her at the studio, and arrive on time for the sitting – only to have the photographer tell Melani that she had a camera issue and hadn’t even started with her appointment for the previous hour!  So Melani had to go back the next day and go through the entire routine again!

The good: Annie is a happy little thing that is very mobile – she is cruising around and trying hard to talk.  Dominick is proving to be quite mechanically inclined – it is amazing how he wants to figure out how everything works and usually manages to do so.  He is also proving to be quite the climber! Gracie continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and language skills.  She knows what a sarcophagus is and can explain it to you if you ask! 

The bad: Annie is still up a few times each night (read that as “Parents Severely Sleep Deprived!”), Dominick is particularly strong willed and still possesses his absolutely ear-piercing scream/cry, and Gracie has still not managed to master this whole “potty” thing!  That’s the quick update.  We love them just the same, feel blessed to be their parents, and would have to concede that they are, in-fact, immensely fun!  Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some new videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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