First Quarter 2020

The Williamsons: A few weeks ago I heard a commercial on the radio for a hack-a-thon just as I was pulling into my office parking lot. I wasn’t totally sure if the kids would be interested – but we decided to sign them up and give it a shot. It was free, after all – and they certainly are nerds!  

Gracie, of course, was enthusiastic for me to sign them up for the event from the very get-go. Dominick – pretty much so, and Annie was a reluctant participant, at best. However, they all ended up having a great time! Overall, it was a real hit!  It was an all-day event over at the local community college that went from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm – with them providing breakfast and lunch. Their projects had to help combat cyber-bullying & promote online safety. They could use any number of programming languages or approaches to accomplish this goal.

We were blown away at the awards ceremony at the end! Apparently AT&T was the money behind the event. Gracie won an award for “most effective project” and Annie and Dominick won for “best teamwork”! Gracie won an 8″ Amazon Fire Tablet and Dominick & Annie won Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones!

Gracie was also interviewed by the local TV news station – WBNG.  Annie was one of the youngest ones there.  We were very proud of all of them for participating!


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