Adventure Update # 050: Draft Mode

Oh the little ears! So Gracie and I have been printing with the 3D printer quite a bit lately and sometimes we print stuff out in Draft mode – a lower quality print that is completed more quickly than if we printed it out in normal mode We talk about what mode we are going to use when we print things, and obviously, there are some little ears hearing our discussions and taking it all in!

The other day we were talking about printing out a giagge (giraffe) for Sophie – and she looked at me and asked me “Are you going to print it in draft mode?” I laughed out loud and thought to myself WOW! That kid really doesn’t miss ANYTHING!

The kids claim she may have said “giraffe mode” rather than draft mode. I’m not sure – but I could see her doing that. Either way – it was really funny!

Mic Drop

beautiful little girl - future supermodel!

Continuing on with cute things Sophie says… sometimes she talks to herself while she is playing. One afternoon I heard her playing with her little characters and I heard her say “mic drop” at the end of a sentence. Again – it just amazes me what she picks up and how she uses it!

I also find that sometimes when I say a word or use a phrase she is unfamiliar with I hear her repeat it after me – as if she is practicing.

The kid has a very BIG head (truly) underneath all of that hair – and it is really evident that it is jam-packed with brains!

Dr. Rodney McKay

Speaking of brains – someone in the house is not afraid to tell you just how smart they are! ( I guess we do a REALLY good job of building the kids’ self-esteem!) “She” has really been showing a LOT of attitude lately and reminds me of a character on Stargate SG-1 & Stargate AtlantisDr. Rodney McKay. He was a brilliant astrophysicist and had a very arrogant and condescending manner about him. Despite that – he was one of my favorite characters!

Well Gracie, er… I mean.. this “person” – was pontificating her views on something one day and berating one of her younger siblings in the process. It was at that very moment I felt the spirit of Dr. Rodney McKay come into my presence – and I bestowed the nickname of Dr. McKay on her!

So if you see me refer to Dr. McKay – it refers to that person in the family – whom , of course, I have not mentioned by name in this post to protect that person’s privacy ….

Ropes Course

We have been talking about a ropes course in the back yard for years. We have worked on the project a little over the last year or so – but there has been no substantial progress made towards our goal of building one.

This weekend we actually made some progress! I had already bought a bunch of ropes and various rings, carabiners, and other connectors. This weekend all the kids (the older 3) wove a few of the ropes together to give a little more heft to the ropes, we made a rope bridge and started a “cargo net”. We still have a lot to do – but it was a great way to spend the day outside in the beautiful weather over the weekend!

Making the “Cargo Net” attraction…

All the pieces are quick release and the course will only be up and used by the kids when I am home and actually out there with them!

Bike Riding

We’ve been doing a little riding lately – since the weather has been improving. We need to get Dominick a new bike – because he his knees are nearly hitting the handle bars and he has clearly outgrown his current bike.

Sophie is just learning to pedal and goes between the tricycle and the smallest bike that has training wheels on it.

Sometimes even the bigger kids can’t pass up on a little fun on the tricycle….

Cell Project

Gracie recently had a science project due in which they had to draw or build a animal cell or a plant cell. I was so proud of Gracie – because I think she really went above and beyond with this project – and actually created a 3D printable model of an animal cell! She came up with the idea by herself and figured out a way to do it ( – all before I even knew what she was doing or planning!

3D printed Animal Cell
Gracie’s Animal Cell

We also uploaded the model to Thingiverse so other people can see and use it as well! You can see the model here: Gracie’s Animal Cell


tree hugger Sophie
Sophie hugging the tree – redux!

Last year (September) I took a picture of Sophie hugging one of the trees in the front yard. Yesterday when I was working on the ropes course for the kids she asked me to take another picture of her hugging a tree. Well – here it is! You can see the original picture here: Adventure Update # 025 Tree Hugging

Lego Tower
Shaun the Sheep’s House!

One of Sophie’s favorite animals is sheep (lambs). So we have been watching a little “Shaun The Sheep” on Netflix. The other day we were building stuff with Legos and Sophie asked me to build a tower – that has since become her Lego Shaun’s new pad. I guess you would understand if you saw the episode (Series #6 episode #151) about the sheep opening a very popular , albeit temporary, take out pizza business!

Annie’s rendition of Gracie’s Yay! ladybug pillow.

Gracie’s stuffed animal is actually a pillow our neighbor Teresa gave Gracie years ago. It is still her favorite (and named Yay!). Thanks Teresa (& Dave)! Annie loves to draw and drew this picture of Yay! earlier in the week.

Dominick & Gracie using their Ripstiks.
The dreaded “Sympathy” picture!

Yes – I really just felt badly that I didn’t have any pictures of Annie in this edition (other than the distant shot of the family working on the ropes course) – so I threw this one in!


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  1. I love that lego house, and it is wonderful you are spending time outdoors!
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