Second Quarter 2020

Tuesday February 11th, 2020 8:04 PM – that’s the exact day & time that Tony Robbins taught my kids the “F” word!  Say what??  

It’s true.  

No secret – I try to find stuff that is inspirational for the family to watch on YouTube & NetFlix. The other day a Tony Robbins documentary came up in my suggested list on NetFlix. I thought that by watching the entire 5 minute preview – I had done my “due diligence” in making sure that show was appropriate for the kids. But, sadly – that was not the case!  I started the video and my lovely wife commented that it said “MA” for Mature Audiences. I assured her that I had done my due diligence – and that the MA rating was because of mature topics like suicide – which I had seen in the preview. Well, not 30 seconds into the show – and Tony is dropping the “F” bomb! Not once – but 2 or 3 times!  I stop the video. I explain to the kids that what they heard IS NOT appropriate language (no – they NEVER hear it from mom & dad), and silently pray that the foul language is well behind us. One more try – 30 seconds more – and NO NO NO – it seems to be a distinct pattern! Change of gears, CHANGE OF SHOWS – and we are suddenly watching Back to The Future III!  Oh – and did I mention that not only had they heard the “F” word multiple times – but the sub captions were also on – and they SAW it too! Just in case there was ANY uncertainty as to what they heard or how it was spelled! After they went to bed I did watch more of the documentary. In all fairness – I do like Tony Robbins and his message & passion to help others is inspiring. I didn’t finish the show – but will soon.

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