Quarterly Newsletters

Chip’s quarterly personal newsletters. A short, less frequent version of the Adventure Updates. This is for people that can only take us (me) in small doses. These go all -the-way back to 2006.

Fourth Quarter 2020

We had a family wedding to attend for Melani’s side of the family in August. We had been planning on attending the event since last year – and then the coronavirus happened! The wedding was ultimately held (just live streamed…

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Second Quarter 2020

Tuesday February 11th, 2020 8:04 PM – that’s the exact day & time that Tony Robbins taught my kids the “F” word!  Say what??   It’s true.  

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First Quarter 2020

The Williamsons: A few weeks ago I heard a commercial on the radio for a hack-a-thon just as I was pulling into my office parking lot. I wasn’t totally sure if the kids would be interested – but we decided to…

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tug o war

Fourth Quarter 2019

We had a wonderful summer and were fortunate to be able to spend some time up in Niagara Falls, Canada in August. Just a quick quarterly update from Chip!
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Third Quarter 2019

Long days sometimes with the family – but boy do the years seem to go by quickly! First Communions, Non-traditional horse riding and Melani & Chip get a day without any kiddos!
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