Quarterly Newsletters

Chip’s quarterly personal newsletters.

Second Quarter 2020

Tuesday February 11th, 2020 8:04 PM – that’s the exact day & time that Tony Robins taught my kids the “F” word!  Say what??   It’s true.  

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First Quarter 2020

The Williamsons: A few weeks ago I heard a commercial on the radio for a hack-a-thon just as I was pulling into my office parking lot. I wasn’t totally sure if the kids would be interested – but we decided to…

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tug o war

Fourth Quarter 2019

We had a wonderful summer and were fortunate to be able to spend some time up in Niagara Falls, Canada in August. Just a quick quarterly update from Chip!
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Third Quarter 2019

Long days sometimes with the family – but boy do the years seem to go by quickly! First Communions, Non-traditional horse riding and Melani & Chip get a day without any kiddos!
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First Quarter 2019

The Wiliamsons: Christmas was a lot of fun with the kids this year!  Sophie enjoyed the excitement of Christmas morning with all of the gifts and the wrapping paper.  At the kid’s school they always setup a Christmas Shop /…

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