Quarterly Newsletters

Chip’s quarterly personal newsletters. A short, less frequent version of the Adventure Updates. This is for people that can only take us (me) in small doses. These go all -the-way back to 2006.

Fourth Quarter 2017

We have another walker!  Sophie is officially a walker now!  She is proving to be a very practical little girl.  She likes to carry around her “Baa Ba” (Stuffed Lamb) – but also likes to keep her hands free (so…

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Third Quarter 2017

Exciting times in our household!  Gracie received her First Communion in May and did a great job greeting the entire church before Mass.  She also participated in the Liturgy of the Word by reading some of the prayers of the…

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Second Quarter 2017

I’ve had a beard for the last 8 months or so.  I decided to grow it during the summer last year – right before the baby was born.  The other day I shaved it off  – and was eager to…

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First Quarter 2017

We had a fun filled fall and Christmas this past year!  On election night – we let the kids stay up a little later than normal.  They enjoyed watching a map of the country on a website – and seeing…

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Fourth Quarter 2016

Welcome to the world – Sophia May!  On August 25th the Williamson family welcomed a new member to the fold!  Sophia (Sophie) was born @ 7:49 am.  This was another relatively “quick” birth (male perspective there!).  Melani was a real…

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Third Quarter 2016

End of the school year was a busy time for us!  The kids had their concert @ the school – and I was very impressed with all of them singing along and doing their hand gestures.  Here you can see…

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