Third Quarter 2009

Gracie Eating

The Williamsons:

Wow – the last newsletter we did was just 3 months ago and I really can’t believe how much our little girl has changed since then!  This is a picture of Gracie just the other day as we fed her solid food for the first time.  We thought it would be a struggle for her to adjust to being fed with a spoon – but boy were we wrong!  To say she was enthusiastic would be an understatement! (Dare I say she gets that from her mother’s side…)  We had our hands full trying to keep her from eating the spoon and putting her face right in the bowl.  At one point Melani was holding her head up while I was shoveling the cereal in her mouth.  We then realized that we would be better off putting her in the swing where her head was tilted back a little (so she couldn’t put her head down inthe bowl).  She drank the last few drops out of the bowl as I tipped it up for her. Melani and I had a good laugh and really enjoyed this entire experience. 

Gracie is also laughing and giggling now, and is on the brink of rolling over by herself.  She is able to text about 30 words a minute on her Blackberry – but she is proving a little slow when in comes to her studies in quantum physics.  She smiles an awful lot and really likes dancing with her daddy.  Melani’s mother watched Gracie while Melani finished out the last few weeks of the school year teaching.  We are convinced that she must have spent some time watching the Animal Planet over there – because she is now making the most bizarre animal sounds we have ever heard! 

True story – the other day we had to take her to the doctor for some shots.  After the first shot (and about 30 seconds of crying) the little girl, nevertheless, mustered a smile for the nurse that had just stuck her.  After the second shot (and about 45 seconds of crying) she still managed to give the nurse another smile!  I got stuck once the other day (for a paramed exam – for the purchase of some life insurance) and I almost clocked the nurse.  No smile from me!  Needless to say, we are really enjoying this awesome new chapter in our lives.  However, we can’t help but wonder – does this mean she will be an awful toddler, or a difficult teen?  Only time will tell – but so far she is a keeper!



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