First Quarter 2012

The Williamsons:

The big news for the Williamsons this quarter was definitely the arrival of Anne Mary Williamson!  Annie was born October14th at 6:42 am.  Melani was set to be induced the night before – so we went to the hospital that evening while Melani’s mother watched the kids.  I went back to the house, got a great night’s sleep and was abruptly wakened by a call from Melani.  She told me I should get in there right away. 

So I jumped in the shower, got dressed and was out the door. The neighbor, Jamie, came over to watch Gracie & Dominick until a family member could get there.  I got to the hospital (greeted my lovely, albeit slightly distressed wife), the doctor got there 5 minutes later and 5minutes after that I was holding little Annie!  The first words out of my mouth were “WOW! ….That was great…. Anyone up for breakfast now?”  The birth couldn’t have been easier or better timed – at least from my perspective! (OK – maybe after breakfast would have been a little more convenient for me!)  I seriously think I have waited in line longer to get donuts!

One of Uncle Steve’s boys…

Now I do realize that Melani’s take on it (first one with no epidural) might be a little different – but probably not much (first push and out she popped!).  Both Mommy and Annie are healthy and happy.  Annie has proven to be a good baby so far – much like her big sister.  Christmas was wonderful with little ones around the Christmas tree.  Gracie and Dominick had a lot of fun opening their Christmas gifts and seeing me act out the events of the Holy Night with their new “Little People” Nativity set.  Gracie did a great job of reading the tags on the gifts and passing them out to everyone (She is still only two!).  Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some new videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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