Fourth Quarter 2011

The Williamsons:

Gracie & Dominick

Melani is due with number 3 in just a matter of days as I write this.  How are we going to manage three when we were just getting the hang of two?  Dominick is talking a lot but not saying much (kinda like one of his parents…)  He tries so hard – but it is still just a jumble of sounds.   I gave Dominick his first haircut the other day.  Although Melani agreed to let me try cutting it – I did have to do it without snapping a chalk line on the kid’s forehead like I wanted to!  I don’t know why Melani was so against it –because Dominick actually seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of having some chalk on his forehead.   Regardless– I still got his bangs pretty straight and level. 

A couple of weeks ago we were in the car as a family and I was giving Melani a hard time about not cleaning out a couple of “science experiments” in the refrigerator. Before Melani could even respond, Gracie swooped in to be her champion –and put me soundly in my place!  (First time I have EVER been put in my place by a 2 year old…)  She told me I was being naughty and that I should go to time out!  You have to understand this was NOT framed as a suggestion – rather an imperative (with some serious conviction behind it and the scowl to accompany it).  Wow! Melani and I looked at each other and just laughed.  Look out – there is a new Sherriff in town! 

Both kids are taking Gymnastics now – Not a very structured class at this point – but it is funny to see them jump and climb around.  Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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Gracie & Dominick @ the Kitchen Table
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