First Quarter 2013

The Williamsons:

The Christmas season was a lot of fun at the Williamson home with a 3 year old (Gracie) a 2 year old (Dominick) and a 1 year old (Annie).  Gracie and I went out to a local tree farm and she picked out a tree which we cut down and brought home with us.  Dominick helped Mommy decorate the tree & placed baby Jesus in the manger.  And despite Annie’s best efforts to knock the Christmas tree down – miraculously, it still stood on Christmas morning! 

Trying to get three little monkeys to pose for a picture and smile all at once has proven to be a nearly impossible task in the past.  I was proud of myself a few months ago for figuring out a potential solution.  I figured I could take some high resolution video of the kids and just stop it to capture a snapshot for the newsletter.  But these monkeys defy me, and are more difficult to train than cats!  Even when I practically go frame by frame through the video now– someone is always looking down, picking their nose, blinking, pushing someone else etc …..  When I finally find a frame that is just about perfect – and I think – OK – one more frame and I will have everyone looking at me…  BANG – someone hits someone else – and all is lost!  The pictures to the left help illustrate my point – and reveal who the “little princess” of the brood really is.  Yup, double head shot from Annie here, caught on film.  What you are looking at here is a sequence of snapshots from the video evidence of her simultaneously whacking both her big sister and big brother in the head so she could have the spotlight to herself.  Make no mistake – Annie maybe the smallest and youngest (so far) of the gang – but she can handle herself well! Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some new videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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