Second Quarter 2013

The Williamsons:

Riding on Dad!
Easter Bunnies

Spring – brings birthdays, Easter and Easter egg hunts for the Williamsons! Gracie just turned 4 in February, Dominick will be turning 3 by the time you read this, and both Melani and I will have “anniversaries” of our 29th birthdays coming within the next month or so. On Easter we went over to Melani’s mother’s house in the morning and the kids got to have an Easter egg hunt with their cousin Evan.

Here you can see them getting the rules from “Uncle Peeps” (Can’t have two uncle Steve’s in the family– so we went with Uncle Peeps for my brother-in-law because it is close to his last name…).  Later in the day we went over to my brother’s house (Uncle Steve’s) and they got treated to another Easter egg hunt.  They loved finding the eggs and were really good about not eating all the candy and treats inside.  Dominick has really been into wrestling lately.  We must wrestle for at least an hour each night.  I’ve always tried to motivate the kids to eat their dinners using dessert as an enticement.  With Dominick – it has always been a little hit or miss (guess he just doesn’t care about dessert that much).  The other day he didn’t finish his dinner –got no dessert – and he wasn’t upset at all.  However, when we went upstairs – I told him there was no wrestling that night because he hadn’t eaten his dinner – he was not too happy.  Seriously – that kid loves wrestling with me so much that he was back down at the table eating his cold dinner, using his fork as a shovel and back up the stairs with a full mouth in 2 minutes flat so he could wrestle! 

I play various villains when we wrestle – sometimes I am the Kraken (from Clash of the Titans), sometimes I am a Venus flytrap, and other times I am the most terrifying of them all – “Kelpman” (man of the sea with seaweed tentacles that capture children and don’t let them go…).  This is a very tame photo of what goes on. (I didn’t want anyone feeling compelled to call child protective services – because of some photo of me holding one of my monkeys upside down by an ankle….).  Dominick and Gracie start in on me as soon as I get home that they want to wrestle “crazy” –and things do get crazy!  But I always make sure that safety comes first – I just try not to let the kids know that!  Checkout our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some new videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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