First Quarter 2016

The Williamsons:

Kids with St. Nick

We had a very nice Christmas and really enjoyed seeing a lot of out-of-town relatives!  Thank you all who travelled great distances so we could spend time together as one extended family!  In stark contrast – we travelled a mere block-and a half to my Grandmother’s house for the big get-together!

On Christmas Eve we again had success in catching not only Santa on the IP camera – but also our very energetic elf Mistletoe!  Santa appeared to employ some Bewitched like magic (yes – a reference to the popular 1960’s show) in getting the presents down the chimney. 

The elf was surprisingly mobile.  Last year there were just still shots of him building a pyramid out of the kids’ stuffed animals right in front of the Christmas tree.  This year we caught actual video footage of the excited elf dancing & flying around right before Santa’s big visit. 

You can check out the videos on our YouTube page.  We’ve started to do some science experiments too – which we will continue to post on YouTube as well. 

Here is a picture of the kids with Santa at our church’s Breakfast with Santa event.  I had to tell each of them to ask Santa how he was doing and to only ask for 3 things!  

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