Fourth Quarter 2015

The Williamsons:

Bamboozled! (Jelly Bean Bamboozled)

You would think that if a kid is WILLING and ENTHUSIASTIC to eat a barf flavored jelly bean (or a stinky socks one) – there wouldn’t be much complaining at the dinner table – regardless of what mom makes!  But not so!  On the first day of school the kiddos got to play a little Jelly Bean Roulette.  We found the jelly beans at a local store and figured we would give them a try.   There are some really nasty flavored ones (like the ones mentioned above) that look identical to the other more traditional flavored jelly beans like Tutti-Frutti and Black Licorice – which are also in the container.  Melani and I played the first time – and had little interest in playing again.  (I never recovered from the barf flavored jelly bean!)  Check out the video – and you will see that not a single one of them spits out any of the nasty flavored ones!  But come on over at dinner time – and see them moan & groan about how yucky the meal is (& Melani is a great cook!) 

The kids are busy with school and activities.  Gracie and Dominick are playing soccer.  Dominick is like a dog – he sees the ball – and he instinctively runs for it!  It is surprising how often he comes out of the mob of children with the ball and dribbles down the field – only to be pursued by the mob.  He hasn’t scored yet – but I’m sure he will soon!  Gracie is quick …. – to move out of the path of the ball, that is.  She is much less aggressive and more accurately described as an on-field, personal cheerleader for her younger & more aggressive brother – rather than an actual player.  And poor little Annie sits on the sidelines – just itching for the chance to get out there!  

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