Fourth Quarter 2017

The Williamsons:

We have another walker!  Sophie is officially a walker now!  She is proving to be a very practical little girl.  She likes to carry around her “Baa Ba” (Stuffed Lamb) – but also likes to keep her hands free (so she can touch & play with all those things that she’s not really supposed to be touching)!  So she has started walking around with “Baa Ba” in her mouth!   

We made a trip to Washington D.C. this summer for a vacation and did a lot of walking!  I was very proud of all the kids.  On one day we walked about 12 miles.  The picture with the plane is the other Smithsonian Air & Space museum out at Dulles Airport.  It was fascinating to see the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (a reconnaissance plane I have liked for a long time) and the Space Shuttle Discovery.  I had never seen the Space Shuttle and was surprised at how big it was!

The second picture was taken at the Library of Congress.  Even though we tried months in advance to get into the White House – unfortunately, we weren’t granted a tour. 

The trip was a lot of work with 4 kids – but I think the kids learned a lot and many good memories were made!

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