First Quarter 2018

The Williamsons:

Late November we took a short trip down to the Poconos and stayed one night @ Kalahari.  It’s a resort with a waterpark – and is really close to Great Wolf Lodge (which is another one that we have stayed @ in the past).  They are about 4 ½ miles away from each other.   It was a lot of fun to get some swimming and water time (Summer-like activities) – despite the time of year.  Gracie and Dominick tried out the surfing and did surprisingly well!  I was impressed with both their courage and skill! The picture of the three older kids is at one of the pastry shops at Kalahari. 

The picture of Sophie is @ our church on Christmas eve.  She had a great time on Christmas – even though she has been a little sick now for a few weeks.  It is a lot of fun seeing her get all excited unwrapping presents and with all the festivities!  

In October Kevin and I made a trip to southern California to meet with our business partners.  It was hard to leave our families for the week – but was a very worthwhile & productive trip!  We have been out there in the past – but it had been about 8 years, and we had never made the annual conference.  The hospitality and respect they show us – not just while we were out there – but every single day in our interactions with them is, quite honestly, very humbling and a testament to the caliber of people we are very fortunate to call partners.  And to think that we discovered them with just a random Internet search all those years ago….!   Thank you Ken, Mary-Lynn and the whole crew out there!  Our next visit will be much sooner than 8 years! 

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