Fourth Quarter 2018

The Williamsons:

It was a very busy summer for us!  We went down to Virginia for Melani’s sister’s wedding.  It was at the Wintergreen resort and was a very nice outdoor ceremony – one in which the kids got to participate!  Congratulations to both Scott & Lisa!

After that, we headed down on to Florida for Disney World and LegoLand.  We went with my high-school buddy and his lovely family.  We all had a lot of fun and did a lot of walking.  Poor Melani had to carry Sophie most of the time – because she refused to ride in the stroller.  The Fitbits calculated that Melani carried her for at least 50 miles – just between Disney and Legoland!  The top picture is the view I had as we left for our adventure.  Happy and excited little faces!  

The one with Sophie and Pluto is at Chef Mickey’s Buffet @ Disney, and the last one is with Rafiki @ Animal Kingdom.  Next year I think we will be heading into the Adirondacks and Niagara Falls.  We are trying to mix it up a little – basically on a three year rotation.  Cities & museums one year (Washington D.C Last year), amusement parks the next, and nature the third year!  At least that is the plan!  At the end of August – Sophie turned 2, and Annie is set to turn 7 later this month. 



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