Third Quarter 2018

The Williamsons:

It is hard to believe another school year is in the history books!  Gracie will be heading into 4th grade in the Fall, Dominick 3rd and Annie 2nd grade.  It is amazing to see them growing up so fast.  And they are all looking so tall these days!  Sophie is a little stinker!  She loves jumping on the enclosed trampoline and playing with her siblings.  But she definitely has a lot of attitude – and probably needs it to hold her own against her older brother and sisters.  She is still babbling a lot – but her vocabulary has increased dramatically. She really likes Sesame Street, and Elmo in particular.  Just about every morning she hands me my phone and says (Elmo, Elmo) – expecting me to show her pictures and videos of her favorite character. 

Dominick continues to impress us with his soccer skills.  The season just ended this week with him having something like 26 goals on the season!  He is deferential when his teammates have the ball and does his share of passing – but if he has the ball – there is a really good chance it will be in the back of the net in short order! He is getting very good at changing direction when he dribbles and being able to shake his defenders.  He is also good about knowing where he should be on the field.  We are amazed at his aggressiveness and confidence on the field – especially considering the fact that he is such a mild-mannered young man off the field!

We are heading down to Virginia in August for Melani’s sister’s wedding and then will be continuing on down south to Florida to hit Disney and Legoland.  The kids have been saving for this trip for over a year – and it is great to be able to do this with them knowing they earned it! 



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