Second Quarter 2014

The Williamsons:

Chip with Giraffes

Wow – Did we pick the wrong winter to skip our annual February trip to Florida?!  Everyone in the house has had some serious “Cabin Fever” and, in retrospect – the 3 day drive down to Florida doesn’t seem so onerous in exchange for some sunshine and warmth to break up the long cold winter we had to endure.  (Flying is still out of the question for us with the kids as young as they are!) 

This year we have all three of the kids in the preschool program @ Our Lady of Sorrows church over in Vestal.  Melani did a lot of research and due diligence in choosing the program that we felt was best for our kids.  All three of them have really enjoyed the program and thrived under the excellent teachers employed there.  That’s why we were shocked and dismayed to learn that the program was being discontinued after this year.  Melani has spent a lot of time over the last couple of months writing letters and attending meetings trying to keep the school open – but to no avail. So now efforts have switched to choosing the next best alternative.  I was really proud of Melani for the effort she put into saving the school! 

On a lighter note- On my way to work on St Patrick’s Day these giraffes were out in front of St. Patrick’s church – which is just 2 doors down from us.  Nick snapped this picture for me and I sent it to Melani & the kids telling them that our new pets had arrived at the office!  I told the kids we were going to put them up on the third floor and that the leprechauns came with them as caretakers. 

Finally, Melani and I recently upgraded our phones – so I gave Gracie & Dominick the old android phones.  They are using them as little tablet computers and can do all kinds of fun and mischievous things with them.  I put a walkie-talkie app on them and the other day Dominick called  me on the thing and told me that mommy was being mean to him – because she wouldn’t let him have something that he wanted.  I called Melani a few minutes later – and she was completely unaware that Dominick had sneaked upstairs and made the call!  Sneaky, and smart – going to be an interesting ride with these kids! 

For some videos of the kids – checkout my YouTube page.  Just search for chipomite or type in


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