Third Quarter 2014

The Williamsons:

We recently took the family down to see Melani’s sister and her family that live just outside of Philadelphia.  Jeni and her husband Steve have 3 little ones as well, and the cousins enjoy playing together. 

One of the things we did while we were downthere was to take the kids to Sesame Place.  Although the kids haven’t been big watchers of the TV show – they were familiar with the characters and have enjoyed a lot of the Sesame Street books.   Maybe they were a little too young to get full enjoyment out of the park – but all had a good time!  Towards the end of the day Gracie and Dominick were a little more inclined to do some of the water slides.  On the very last run of the day – Gracie had to go alone on a tube down a water ride. I saw flashes of the future with her taking the car alone for the first time….  She waved and gently slid down the slide with a big smile on her face. I almost thought it brought a tear to my eye – but I’m pretty sure it was just a splash of water from the water rushing down the slide. 

They certainly are growing up too quickly for my liking.   Here they all are at the front entrance of Sesame Place.  From left to right – Annie, Evan, Gracie, Dominick and Owen.  Adam didn’t make the picture – because he is less than one year old and Mommy (Melani’s sister Jeni) was holding him.   Second picture is Gracie, Dominick, Owen & Oscar (Oscar is the one in the trashcan!).  All the kids got along great and played very well together.  Steve & Jeni were wonderful hosts and we very much enjoyed our visit!

Gracie starts Kindergarten in theFall and Dominick & Gracie had a fun season playing T-ball this spring. For some videos of the kids – check out my YouTube page.  Just search for chipomite or type in


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