Second Quarter 2017

The Williamsons:

I’ve had a beard for the last 8 months or so.  I decided to grow it during the summer last year – right before the baby was born.  The other day I shaved it off  – and was eager to see what the baby’s reaction would be.  I recorded it – so it is up on our YouTube Channel if you would like to see it.  I did a similar thing when Gracie was little – and her reaction was very entertaining.  Gracie (at about 8 months old) – just glared at me – like there was something familiar – but very different about me.  You could almost see the little cogs turning in the kid’s head!   I didn’t think to record that back then – but this time I did.  Sophie’s reaction was much more muted.  She didn’t even want to look at me at first!  Over the next several hours she would look at me, smile and turn away – in her bashful little manner! 

Some of you may have heard the rumors that Nick has been spreading about the new computer system I got.  He keeps telling people that I sit in some futuristic spaceship cockpit, surrounded by monitors and that I hack into the NSA mainframes.  While I can neither confirm nor deny such rumors in their entirety – I can share with you a picture of what the display console looks like.  My old 3 monitor system did crash at the very end of the year (very inconvenient time for it to do so!) – but we do have backup systems – so I was able to get right back to work without missing a beat.     The new setup does make it much easier to navigate the information and systems I need to – to get the job done.  (And I will say – it might not be such a bad idea for some of you to opt for more secure passwords & maybe delete some of those inappropriate photos on your phones….I’m just saying…) To get to our YouTube page just hit the QR Code (right) with your phone, or type in:



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