First Quarter 2017

The Williamsons:

We had a fun filled fall and Christmas this past year!  On election night – we let the kids stay up a little later than normal.  They enjoyed watching a map of the country on a website – and seeing the states go either blue or red.  Florida and Pennsylvania were particularly fun to watch – as they changed many times as the votes were tallied!  I was glad they had some fun (cheering when it turned one color – and booing when it went the other way) – and learned a little about how our president is elected. 

We have several big trees in the yard – so we always get a lot of leaves.  I usually make a big pile for the kids – and they love to play in them.  Dominick & I also ran our remote controlled cars through the leaves – and it looked like 2 squirrels jumping & frolicking in the leaves!    

Sophie was asked to play the part of Baby Jesus for the Christmas nativity scene re-enactment at our church – and she nailed it!  She cried for the first 30 seconds or so – just so people knew it was a real baby playing the part.  Then she was quiet and focused for the rest of the performance.  At the very end she looked out to the people and smiled (or at least – that is how I remember it!).  I was hoping she would raise her hand – in a gesture of extending a blessing to the crowd – but I suppose that was a little much to expect of a 4 month old….  The other kids were sheep – so everyone participated.

The kids are really having a lot of fun with their new little sister and life is very busy right now.  Almost every night we have someplace to go to – whether it be gymnastics, scouts or some other activity.    To get to our newly revamped YouTube page just hit the QR Code (right) with your phone, or type in:



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