Second Quarter 2018

The Williamsons:

Early February we made a trip up to the Carousel Mall (now called Destiny USA?) and went to WonderWorks to do something special for Gracie’s birthday.  We had a great time!  I was so impressed that the three older kids (Gracie just turning 9, Dominick 7 & Annie 6) all did the ropes course.  Parts of the course are 3 stories off the ground – and Gracie & Dominick were scurrying around like little monkeys!  There are obstacles in which there is nothing to hold on to – except the harness rope.  I found it unnerving and challenging (especially with bifocals!).  Annie was a little timid – and went in after doing just a few obstacles with me.  But I was very proud of all of them for doing what they did! They also had a lot of science activities in the place itself – which were educational and fun (the ropes course is outside the building in the mall common area). 

The other day we went to a Lenten dinner at a church next to us.   Dominick was wearing his Elements t-shirt.  It has a few periodic table element tiles on it.  Specifically – the Germanium element (symbol Ge), Nickel (symbol Ni), Uranium (symbol U) and Sulfur (symbol S) – so it says Genius on the front (which – he might be – because he certainly has no common sense sometimes…).  I asked him to open the door and look out for my cousin.  Right below the door handle it clearly said “PUSH” – but the kid was pulling with all his might.  And boy was he committed to opening that door by pulling it!  I just shook my head and casually drew his attention to the sign immediately below his hands.  He laughed – and pushed the door open.  It reminded me of the old Gary Larson cartoon – where the kid is doing the same thing at the Midvale school for the gifted….



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