Third Quarter 2016

The Williamsons:

End of the school year was a busy time for us!  The kids had their concert @ the school – and I was very impressed with all of them singing along and doing their hand gestures.  Here you can see them hamming it up after the concert.

We also made a short trip down to Great Wolf Lodge in June.  The kids love the indoor water park, the lodge characters (Wiley Wolf, Rachel Raccoon, etc), wearing their wolf ears and toasting marshmallows!

Dominick had a very successful soccer season this spring.  He was the team’s leading scorer and had a lot of fun playing.  Melani and I were on the sidelines just amazed at how this quiet little boy comes to life when there is a ball around.  It was a lot of fun to see a gaggle of kids fighting for the ball – and then see Dominick break away from the crowd with the ball, dribble down the field and make a great shot!  When he would come to the sidelines he would be all humble!  I’m not sure when or where he learned how to play so well – but it sure was fun to watch.  I keep telling him – he is a magician with the ball – and all I get is a silly smirk and chuckle from him.  Basketball and soccer are his favorite sports – which couldn’t make me happier!

            We are frantically preparing for the new addition to our family!  Melani has a list of stuff for me to get done around the house that is almost as long as I am tall!  We are excited and nervous at the same time.  This will be the biggest gap that we have between kids and it will be challenging to adjust back to having a baby around the house!  We will be trying to keep the older kids challenged and occupied while watching our new one learn to walk, talk, the alphabet and counting to ten.  Hopefully Gracie, Dominick & Annie will be great siblings that help us! Wish us luck!  Melani is due first thing in September.

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