Fourth Quarter 2016

Welcome to the world – Sophia May!  On August 25th the Williamson family welcomed a new member to the fold!  Sophia (Sophie) was born @ 7:49 am.  This was another relatively “quick” birth (male perspective there!).  Melani was a real trooper with this one – as there were no pain meds or epidural (no time!).

We had really been building up the birth as a boon to the other kids.  We told them we would be getting more take out for dinner, dessert portions would be larger, and that some people might be bringing THEM gifts when they come over to see the baby.  So far – things have been going better than expected.  Annie was the first to hold her – and then soon after Dominick & Gracie.  They have all been very nice to their new sister – and seem really interested in her! 

We had a tough time naming this one.  “Shoelace” was a popular potential name with the children, and I was bucking for Mia Sophia (kind of rolls off the tongue!).  But we settled on Sophia May. 

Having 4 children now, and with a significant gap between the three (Gracie, Dominick & Annie) and one (Sophie)– has required some adjustments.   Just getting everyone in the car took some serious tinkering!  As you can see from the photo – this was an early attempt – that ultimately failed.  Although I must note- Dominick was fine with this arrangement “until winter” as he said! 

Check out the video of the kids meeting Sophie for the first time! To get to our newly revamped YouTube page just hit the QR Code (right) with your phone, or type in:



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