Third Quarter 2020

It's all about the cube.... The Rubik's Cube - that is!

The kids have really run with the entire Rubik’s Cube thing! I set a long-term goal for the kids a couple of years ago to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I gave them one monetary incentive to solve it with instructions and then a second incentive to solve it WITHOUT any instructions. With the quarantine and the rainy weather as of late the kids have had some extra time to work on such projects (unfortunately – I had to REMIND them of such!). Gracie was the first to be able to solve the Rubik’s cube without any instructions or hints – but Dominick was close on her tail! A few days later (ten to be precise) – Dominick achieved the same proficiency – and now they have contests to see who can solve the cube the quickest.  Last I heard they had both gotten under 2 minutes to solve it and were fast approaching less than one minute! Sometimes I mix up the cubes in an identical manner – so as to make sure that neither has any advantage. They are having fun and now telling me that to even FURTHER improve their times they really need some SPEED cubes…. 

We’re a little sad to think that we will soon be getting back to “normal” and will be running the kids around to their various activities. Although it has been a trying time for the world – the silver lining has definitely been the extra family time & the slower pace of life. It may just make us rethink the extent that we keep the kids involved in so many activities…. It has been really enjoyable keeping them all to ourselves!


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  1. I love that you have been enjoying having so much family time on your hands! My hope is people will keep up the effort to spend time together as a family even as we go back into ‘normal’.

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