First Quarter 2015

The Williamsons:

Crayola Factory
Thanksgiving with Cousins

We hope that everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving and Christmas!  We went down to the Philadelphia area to spend Thanksgiving with Melani’s sister Jeni and her family.  Because of the storm, we didn’t end up leaving on Wednesday like we thought we would.  Instead of fighting the weather and trekking down there through the storm we decided to ENJOY the weather and PLAY in the snow on Wednesday and then travel down to Philly on Thanksgiving morning instead.  Kids had a great time in both the snow and with their cousins.  We took a picture of all the kids on the couch down there  – and between the two families there were the ages 1-6 represented.  6 little kids 6 and under! 

On the way back from Philly we spent the day at the Crayola Crayon Factory in Easton PA.  We saw the world’s largest crayon and the kids got to do a lot of fun activities.  We stayed home for Christmas and had a busy month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So little time to try to doso much!  This year I had the privilege of attending my first Christmas concert as a father!  The Williamsons seem to excel at the hand &arm gestures that accompany the songs – rather than the singing itself!   I wasvery proud of them all for getting up on the stage and participating.  Finally – This was the second year in a rowthat one of our IP cameras caught Santa delivering the goods to the house.  But what was even more amazing was that it also caught a sequence of still shots of our little Elf-On-A-Shelf  “Mistletoe” creating some mischief after Santa delivered the goods!  For some videos of the kids – check out my YouTube page.  Just search for chipomite or type in


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