Fourth Quarter 2014

The Williamsons:

The Family – in Gracie’s Kindergarten Classroom

We had a very enjoyable summer , as we hope you did.  All three kids took swimming lessons at the Boys & Girls club in August.  Melani was reluctant to sign up Annie, being that she is only 2, but we were really glad we did!  Annie thrived at swimming!  She had no trouble putting herhead under water – whereas Gracie really struggled with that.  During the “free-swim” portion of the lessons Annie would have her head out of the water only when she needed to get a breath.  Gracie, on the otherhand, would dip the very tip of her nose in the water and then come up and triumphantly tell me she put her head in! We were proud of them all and the instructors down there were top-notch. 

We took a trip up to Animal Adventure in Harpursville in August and had a wonderful time.   The kids got to pet a bunch of animals and even hold a baby kangaroo!  They also got to ride the pony up there -which was the first time any of them had done something like that. 

Our picture above was taken during orientation for the start of the new school year for the kids.  Here we are in Gracie’s kindergarten classroom.  We decided to send the children to All Saints. It wasn’t a very easy decision – given the added expense, but, hey – we never went into having children expecting it to be either cheap or easy!  So far everyone has adapted well and seems to be really enjoying the experience.  We like that they start their morning off with prayers & the Pledge of Allegiance and will celebrate both Christmas & Easter.  I’ve told them I am willing to pay for their primary education – but that they better get scholarships for college! 

For some videos of the kids – check out my YouTube page. Just search for chipomite or type in


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