Second Quarter 2015

The Williamsons:

Chip and Kids – with Nephew Garrett Photobombing!

Well what a winter we have had!  Last month we took the family up to Cascades Indoor Water Park @ Greek Peak for the first time.  My brother’s family was going up – so we decided to tag along and give it a try.  We had to do something for a relief from the brutal winter weather – and the kids do love swimming!  The three with the life vests are mine – and the fourth (photobombing us) is my brother’s youngest son Garrett. 

It was funny that on one day they were swimming, and then on the very next day we went ice skating – with the Try Hockey for Free Day.  I was impressed that all three kids got out there to try skating and they all had a lot of fun!  

As I write this, we are planning for Easter.  This year I am planning, what I hope to be, and EPIC Easter Egg / Treasure Hunt!   My kids have a little bit of “Geek/Nerd)” in them – and they all like technology.  (They DEFINITELY got that from their mother’s genes…. /s) They learned this year what QR Codes are (Quick Response Codes) and even know how to make them.  So this year, in addition to finding jelly beans and the likes in their Easter Eggs – they are going to find QR Codes with clues & puzzles to find an even bigger treasure.  Our three kids and Melani’s younger sister’s three kids will all be participating.  I hope it is a challenging and fun day for all.  They are going to have to have their little Android devices in-hand if they want a chance to find the treasure! 

For some videos of the kids – check out my YouTube page.  Just hit the following QR Code, or type in .

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