Third Quarter 2011

The Williamsons:

OK – there have been some rumors circulating for months (mostly of my own making, of course) that the Williamsons will soon be filling another seat in the minivan.  I can now confirm, that in fact, the rumors are true!  We expect a third tax deduction… .er…. I mean child to be arriving before year-end!  Exciting & frightening for us, good news for our obstetrician and pediatrician  – and another bitter disappointment for the IRS…..   Just as a side thought – Is it possible to reproduce my way to zero taxes?  I’m not saying we’re trying to do that – just wondering…. 

Much to Melani’s chagrin, Gracie and I have been calling the new one “Squeaky”. We’ve been trying to explain to Gracie that she is going to have a new brother or sister in a few months and that the baby is growing in Mommy’s tummy.  But this is a difficult concept for a little two year-old to grasp and she seems genuinely concerned that we are actually going to be REPLACING Dominick! (Hummmm…, no that would be wrong….at least I think it would be…..)  Last night (the Fourth of July) I went into Gracie’s room to close her windows just before the fireworks started.  I looked over at her and saw a book teepee’d over the bottom half of her face.  When I looked a little closer – I saw that her eyes were wide open and she was just laying there perfectly still.  Speaking softly I asked her “Are you awake?” – to which she quietly replied, in almost a whisper “no, I’m sleeping”.  I couldn’t help but laugh!  Dominick, AKA “Trouble” is walking and on the verge of starting to talk.  If we ask him where his monkey blanket is – he trots off and get’s it and holds it up for us.  He, like his sister, loves to give hugs & be tickled, and he is definitely making sure that everyone is getting their exercise (read that – we are constantly chasing him….)  Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some videos.  Just search for chipomite or type in



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