Third Quarter 2015

The Williamsons:

It’s hard to believe that the school year is over already!  Gracie graduated from kindergarten a couple of weeks ago.  I told Gracie (and the teacher) that some people have learned everything they need to get by in life in kindergarten.  In fact, there have been books written about this!  So I told them on the last day of class – that we expected BIG things (from both of them) for her final day! 

Dominick & Gracie just finished up with their T-Ball and gymnastics too.  It is a lot of fun to watch them grow in confidence AND ability!  So now starts the summer routine of swimming lessons and some day trips. 

From left to right – Here is a picture of my smallest angel at my grandmother’s house on the back swing.  In the middle is Gracie.  She was invited to a birthday party for a friend and they had Animal Adventure come and put on a show with various live animals.  Annie LOVES bunnies – so Gracie was excited to have her picture taken with the bunny so we could text it to Annie!  And finally – Dominick at his pre-school graduation with his proud mother.   If he is anything like his mom & dad – he better get used to wearing a cap & gown! 

 July 16th marks our 10 year anniversary for Melani and me.  We’ve had a lot happen in those 10 years – death of her father, a couple of miscarriages, birth of 3 beautiful children, house renovations and a couple of major business transitions.  I’m going to be out of town right around our anniversary to deal with some thorny family issues – because it is the only time I could co-ordinate the trip with my sister Michele.  So if you find yourself with just a spare minute – consider surprising my beautiful wife with a Happy Anniversary text ((775) 629-XXxx)) , email (, or just leave a comment on our newly revamped YouTube page.  Just hit the following QR Code, or type in .   There’s a cute video (Time Lapsed) of me cutting Dominick’s hair.  I hear a challenge has been issued (& accepted) that if we get 10,000 views on that video by October 1st I have to let Dominick cut my hair!  Thank you & enjoy the rest of the summer!   



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